50cl bottle of Canterbury Japanese Gin

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Canterbury Japanese Jin 40% ALC VOL

Our Jin is a melting pot of botanicals from all over the globe. Laid to rest on Shikuwasa fruit from our friends on the island of Okinawa for 5 weeks. Enjoy 


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    Japanese Jin

    Posted by David Berry on 13th Mar 2021

    I may be biased, as even before the Foundry decided to make Gin, their beer was a favourite of mine. So when the Still came along I was very excited. The art of brewing great beer and also great spirits go hand in hand, especially if you do it all yourself. There are many Gins out there that use base spirit, bought in from manufacturers and depending on the quality of said spirit will determine the "harshness" of that spirit. It is basically cheap. The Foundry produce their Gin and other spirits from scratch with the utmost passion and care. That is why it is the best available. The standard Gin is amazing, but the Japanese is otherworldly. I have tested several different tonics with it, but at #1 is Fever Tree Mediterranean (full fat). Even the boss will agree. If I had to choose a desert island drink then this is it... any chance of a Navy Gin again?