Canterbury Spirits Club Membership

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Celebrate Kentish Distilling

An exclusive luxury gift including:

  • A 70cl bottle of Canterbury Single Malt Whiskey, brewed and distilled from the finest English Barley and aged in the finest Spanish Sherry barrel.
  • Or Single Barrel Sour Mash Rye Whiskey brewed & Distilled from the finest English Rye and Barley. Then aged in Virgin European Oak.
  • These small batch exclusive Whiskey's will be Brewed and distilled early 2018 here at The Foundry.
  • Membership of Canterbury Brewers & Distillers Spirit Club. This is a lifelong opportunity to get first pick of our future limited edition barrel aged spirit products.
  • Exclusive invitation to the annual tasting of these rare premium Whiskey's as they mature.
  • Entry into a draw to come and brew and distill one of these Whiskeys in the New Year.
  • All of this is available for £75!